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UPVC window spraying has become one of the most popular methods for renovating properties in the UK.

We can respray/repair or recolour your property at short notice whilst having peace of mind with the insurance backed guarantee we provide with all work we carry out.

UPVC painting is becoming more sought-after as families and homeowners are looking to bring their properties back to life in this modern age.

UPVC is great however after time it starts to fade away and looks tired as it can become sensitive to ultraviolet light.

Why not paint your windows ( and doors to help protect them for future years to come?

If you are looking to paint UPVC windows, doors or frames and are interested in how we can help, read on or fill in our contact form now for a free quote!


Can You Change the Colour of UPVC Window Frames?

We can completely transform your front door and windows with a specialist coating. 

Windows and doors ( can become lifeless and dull as the years go by, which is why there is never any harm in considering giving them a brand new lease of life. 

Whether you are already undergoing home renovations or are keen to spray your windows a whole new colour for the season to come, recolouring UPVC windows is quick, simple and affordable. 

Take a closer look at our catalogue of colours to choose your ideal shade and the perfect match for your home – and get in touch with us to book your windows in for a spray or two! 

Is it time for a change? Do you want to paint a UPVC feature? Come and talk to our team to learn more!

Why Would I Need UPVC Spraying?

Although UPVC is durable, it will eventually fade and discolour over time, causing your windows and doors to look worn and outdated, which can greatly impact the visual appeal of your property's exterior.

Instead of replacing your windows and doors to refresh or update your property, consider the condition of your existing uPVC units. If they are still performing well, a complete replacement may not be necessary.

By utilising uPVC spraying, you can extend the life of your current uPVC and restore its appearance to look like new. Additionally, you have the option to select from a wide range of colours for your renovation, giving your property a fresh and updated look.

Most of our customers go for the Anthracite Grey RAL 7016 which is one of our most popular colours.

Does UPVC Painting Actually Work?

Yes, spraying UPVC windows definitely works. The specially formulated 2-pack uPVC paint that we use adheres to the surface which ensures a long-lasting and durable finish. We guarantee this finish for a minimum of ten years against peeling, cracking, or fading. We are the only company in the UK that offers an insurance backed guarantee.

Spraying UPVC windows will not only enhance the kerb appeal it will also increase the value of your property. Once your windows are spray painted, they will look as if new windows have been installed. The high-quality finish is that impressive!

How Do You Prepare a UPVC Window for Painting?

As with other decorating projects and processes, having an immaculate and clear surface to work with is critical.

It's critical to keep the surface as clean and transparent as possible . To get rid of any leftover surface debris, give it a thorough cleaning.

To keep the effect uniform, work the UPVC cleaner into one portion of the surface at a time. Buff the surface with a dry cloth to ensure that the UPVC window is clean and dry.

You should find that your windows are ready for a repaint with this level of preparation.

Paint UPVC in Schools

We are also able to carry out UPVC spray painting in schools. If you are looking to improve your school without spending a fortune, why not think about painting your existing UPVC?

This can completely restore the school's UPVC doors and windows, creating a much more modern look. 

So what can be painted?

  • School UPVC front doors

  • Window frames

  • UPVC porches

We can paint schools in several different colours to meet your individual needs and requirements. You may like to have your school's UPVC door painted in colours to match the school uniform.

If so, let our team know, and we can help.

We can offer a range of different colours, so please contact us today using the enquiry form presented on this page.

Alternatively, please find out more about commercial maintenance we can carry out here:

UPVC Painters Near Me

Our UPVC and window spraying service is Nationwide!, which is why we always work hard to uphold professional service and impeccable results for many families and businesses. 

Nearby UPVC painters such as ours will be able to offer you comprehensive coverage of windows, doors, frames, conservatory fittings and more besides.

We can offer a range of different colours when carrying out our respray. Whether you need white UPVC or something completely different, we can help.  

What’s more, we will be able to offer you a free and full quote before we start work – let us know a few details, and we can attend to any home or office in our surrounding areas in a short delay.

Your free quote holds no obligation, either – meaning that if you are looking to paint UPVC near me, we’re here to provide you with a leading choice and a competitive price.


Can You Paint Over UPVC?

The basic answer is that you can paint UPVC windows and doors. For many homeowners, putting a new paint colour to their home's exterior is a quick method to add more curb appeal.

Spray-painting white UPVC windows, UPVC door frames, garage doors, conservatories, or other fixtures and fittings is simpler than it may seem. 

Our team of experts, our tools and our UPVC paint supply are available throughout our region at short notice.

Moreover, we’re on hand to make sure you get the look you need to the professional standard you desire. 

Our team have been working hard over several years now to develop a strategy that works wonders for our customers.

We’ve helped to refurbish and renovate homes across our region, and it’s a wonder what a quick lick of UPVC paint – or spray of it, in any case – will do! 

For restoration, refurbishment and more besides, we highly recommend spraying UPVC fittings – especially as it will save you money in the bargain as you won’t have to make any serious replacements!

What Paint Can You Use on UPVC?

Our UPVC window spray service comes with professional tools and the best in paint supply guaranteed.

What’s more, no matter how many windows you’d like to be recoloured, and no matter what shade, we will transform the entire look of your home exterior in a matter of minutes. 

UPVC Conservatory Painting

Whether you have recently set up your own conservatory or your existing installation or extension needs refurbishment, our UPVC conservatory painting service are well worth taking advantage of. 

From UPVC doors and windows to frames, a garage door and other fixtures, your conservatory can be painted and brought back to life in a wide range of colours and shades.

With our superb services, you can evoke certain moods or blend your house with your garden. For this, why not consider anthracite grey, green or blue? 

UPVC spraying is affordable and flexible for your needs. Set our team to work, and you will see a spray paint job come to life before your very eyes.

UPVC spraying is more accessible now, and more than ever is all the more reason to really start taking advantage. 

Painting your UPVC can completely transform your conservatory. For the perfect finish for your perfect conservatory, allow us to spray your extensions to life.

UPVC Restoration

Sadly, UPVC can deteriorate over time as it loses its brilliance largely due to ultraviolet light.

To protect against future damage and repair and renovate your existing windows, it may well be time to consider UPVC restoration through spray painting. 

Our comprehensive spray painting service will ensure that you have access to a brilliant range of colours and industry-standard paint, which is durable and arrives with our year guarantee. 

There won’t be a need for further restoration or maintenance for many years. In which case – has there been a better time to consider upgrading your UPVC – windows, doors and otherwise?

How Much Does UPVC Painting Cost?

The cost of spray painting UPVC will vary from project to project. It will largely depend on what you need to be sprayed. Consider how many doors or windows you need to be painted and their sizes.

We will be able to build you a reliable, no-obligation quote based upon just a few parameters. 

UPVC spraying cost may vary from firm to firm. Still, we pride ourselves on offering our customers upfront expectations.

We’ll build your free quote on factors such as those mentioned, and you are not obliged to accept it.

But rest assured, we will work with you to find and offer you the best value deal we possibly can for the service you receive.

Having professional sprayers means you will not have brush marks or any missing areas. So, why not get in touch?

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Intrigued by UPVC painting but unsure where to start?  Would like to get started – but are unsure about the costs involved? 

Enquire now with our team – fill in our enquiry form now if you have any specific concerns you’d like to let us know about. 

We can paint UPVC doors, windows and conservatories to meet your requirements.

We’ll offer you a free quote at no obligation to paint your UPVC – just let us know what you’d like or need, and we’ll do the rest!  Simple!


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