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When it comes to protecting the various doors in your home against wear, tear and the ravages of time, high quality paint is always going to be the way to go – but where do you even start when finding the right paint or technique to use? 

Coloured UPVC doors don’t just look great – they stand the test of time, too. 

Any door - including garage doors - painted by our team comes with a reliable guarantee and with top quality protection against flaking, scratching and more besides always assured.  For protected and great-looking front-doors for a variety of homes – we’re here for you!

A range of colours for doors are available. For more information on our long lasting paint, please contact us today by leaving your email address on our contact form.

Painting UPVC Doors

Painting door designs are simpler than you may think – we make use of the most trusted spray paint available to ensure that all of our customers get the best possible coverage. 

After a thorough clean down and preparation of your door, we will then be able to get to work with spray painting – and don’t worry – it’s not the same sort of paint you’d buy in a can for graffiti! 

This high resistance paint helps to bring coloured PVCu doors to life in no time – and what’s more, it’s made to help weather years of use. 

We’re therefore in a proud position to be able to support nearby homes and families in surrounding areas to us get access to great-looking door installations with minimal time, money and effort.

UPVC Door Spray Paint

The new UPVC spray paint we use is industry-standard and low maintenance – meaning that no matter how old the PVCu you have installed may be, our reliable and professional paint system – and the best in spray paint available – will always bring even the most tired designs back to life. 

PVCu is fantastic and certainly does its job – but in time, it can deteriorate as a result of direct sunlight. 

This is why we work with only the finest in paint and professional equipment to ensure that existing doors have an extra layer of armour against sun damage and years of use to come. 

It can be used for french doors, conservatories, garages and much more.

Think of the process as a renewal of your existing PVCu – in colour and in protection!

There are plenty of door colours to choose from. Door colours can range from white to grey and even blue! We can offer painting for UPVC back and front door frames. 

Cost of Spraying UPVC Doors

One of the main questions we are asked with any spraying project is “what is the cost of spraying UPVC doors?” – the answer is, it will all depend upon your exact needs and wishes! 

We aim to offer you a reliable, free no obligation quote as soon as possible when you first get in touch with our team. 

Factors which may impact upon the overall cost of a coloured UPVC door spray job may include the size of any doors involved, any paint you wish to use, how much paint you need, how many doors you’d like to be covered – we will weigh up a quote for you, up front, so you know exactly how much to expect from us once the job is finished. 

We’ll never hide any charges or add anything on beyond the usual VAT!

Want to give us a call? Use the enquiry form on the right to get in touch.

UPVC Paint for Doors

UPVC paint for doors is specially created and mixed to offer protection against years of sunlight and to help bring even the oldest doors and units to life. 

We can carry out coloured UPVC door painting for a range of different clients, including:

  • Homeowners

  • Schools

  • Offices

  • Commercial shops

  • Industrial businesses

Coloured PVCu which benefit from our spraying systems and methods will not only look fantastic for years to come, but will also have a new lease of life – if you are looking for ‘door spraying near me’, we can be your local, on-call specialists as and where required. 

Our paint is completely safe to touch after only a few minutes, too – meaning that any jobs we undertake will largely be completed within an hour – even if you have a few doors to tackle! 

Each case, of course, will be judged on its own merits – and we will let you know of more accurate timescales when we start discussing your needs with you.

Painting a UPVC Front Door

It’s simple – painting a UPVC front door is basically a case of cleaning up the existing PVCu and framing, applying tape to mask, and attending to the paint job. 

You’ll pick your ideal colour or blends ahead of time with our team at your convenience, and you’ll give us the final go-ahead to get started on the day. 

Painting doors of any size and in any quantity is never a problem for our team – we are well-versed in a wide range of front-door styles and looks, which means we will always be happy to tackle even the most obscure looks and designs with gusto.

Painting a UPVC Front Door Decorating

We’re the closest UPVC painting experts in your local area for many people, and as such, we’re always happy to impart advice on choosing the right colour and making sure that you are kept up to date on what we intend to do for you. 

Painting a UPVC front door, decorating and beyond can be handled in a short period of time and with all the colours and shades you desire – after all, it’s your front door – and you’re going to want to make a great first impression on anyone who comes to your home! 

Coloured UPVC doors look fantastic from the day they are set up through the years beyond – we really do take care to find the best paint and to use the safest and most effective techniques to help each and every one of our customers.

If you wish to give us a call, please complete the enquiry form provided.

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We are local experts in coloured UPVC doors and can also touch up conservatories and windows alike ( – meaning that if any windows and doors in your property are in need of a little extra protection or a new finish to help protect against the worst sun damage around, we’re here to help. 

Fill in our contact form now if you have any queries – and we will be sure to answer them, and to quote you, before we come to you.  Get in touch for your free quote today without obligation – and let’s renew and refresh your front doors for years of future use!

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