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Painting UPVC Windows

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UPVC (or PVCu) frames are fantastic – but over time, they can fade and react to intense sunlight and prolonged exposure to the sun’s rays – meaning that, in time, an extra layer of protection will be needed. 

Spraying uPVC windows has become one of the most popular methods for renovating windows in the UK.

We offer quick respraying, repairs, or recolouring for your property, providing you with peace of mind through our insurance-backed guarantee on all our work.

UPVC painting is increasingly in demand as families and homeowners seek to rejuvenate their properties in today's modern era.

Painting your UPVC windows has never been easier nor more affordable thanks to our local range of UPVC spray paint and all the tools you’ll ever need. 

Whether it is the windows of your conservatory, or your house in general, we can help.

Here at UPVC Painting, we supply professional paint spraying services for a wide range of uses and needs – from doors to frames and of course windows, whether you are refurbishing the look of your home or are simply aiming to upgrade your exterior fittings and fixtures, we will be able to supply you with a range of colours, shades and options to make sure your home is looking great for years to come. 

Spray Painting UPVC Windows

Spray painting UPVC window frames couldn’t be simpler, all you need to do is to pick the colours you’d like us to use and we will apply them to any frames you’d like to be transformed before your very eyes. 

Colouring your frames will tint them with a fantastic look that can match your existing exterior design or décor, or maybe even grant you a brand new look that will set your home apart from others in the neighbourhood. 

Various colours can be used including:

  • White UPVC

  • Black UPVC

  • Grey UPVC

Our nearby team will help you choose the right look and blend for your existing frames and you will also receive our guarantee that any spray paint used will last for years to come. 

Resistant spray-painting is an asset against sun damage and we do everything we can to protect windows against any and all potential damage they may come across. 

Why not ask our team for more advice on how to protect your windows if you’re concerned?

Paint UPVC Windows Grey

Although white UPVC windows are most popular, you may be looking to paint your UPVC windows grey.  While grey may seem like a fairly dull colour to use in terms of any paint job, grey UPVC paint is still a fantastic barrier against intense ultraviolet light and, as a result, you will effectively protect your home and everyone in it from the worst that the sun has to offer! 

Our UPVC paint not only continues to allow natural sunlight into your home – it prevents too much from attacking your windows!  Grey PVCu paint is resistant and long-lasting, meaning that there will be no expectations for maintenance in your near future. 

Our team have more than a few years’ expertise in painting PVCu windows – and we’re more than happy to share tips and tricks with you to really get the most out of your new paint job.  All you have to do is ask!

How Much Does it Cost to Paint UPVC Windows?

Many people ask us “how much does it cost to paint UPVC window frames” – it’s a common question, and we understand why!  The exact price of this painting will vary from job to job. 

Factors involved in our pricing include how many windows need to be painted, how big they are, how much paint is required, which colours you need – there are various factors involved, in which case, we will always let you know ahead of time what to expect from our pricing. 

We can offer commercial window painting and domestic, so please let us know what you want so we can discuss costs.

Painting the frames is cost-effective and we always strive to offer you the best possible deal when it comes to your needs and wants – and what’s more, we never hide fees or surprise our customers with charges that they simply aren’t expecting. 

Rest assured, we will break it all down for you when you call or email us for your closest free quote!

Plastic Spray Paint

When it comes to finding plastic spray paint which can effectively cater for windows, frames and more - we always make sure we source the best equipment and the best supply on the market. 

Spray paint which can be used on UPVC, plastic and more besides is resistant, easy to come by and is always recommended if you are in need of an additional layer of protection for your windows, doors and more besides. 

There is a knack to painting UPVC frames and our team have the knowledge, the tools and the supplies to be able to arrange it all for you in double-quick time – get your windows looking marvellous in just a matter of minutes!

Coloured UPVC Windows

Many people like to choose their own styles and looks when it comes to PVCu paint, and your window shouldn’t be any different! 

Choose from our fantastic palettes to set up your own coloured UPVC window frames which won’t just look great – they’ll stand the test of time and will keep harmful UV rays off your windows and your home for many years to come. 

Why not opt for coloured frames which match your existing exterior fittings – or go for something completely left-field?  We’re here to help you pick the right look for you, your family and your home.

Black UPVC Windows

For a spectacular look which protects against the sun and which upgrades your existing UPVC to an amazing new standard, why not opt for black UPVC frames? 

These windows will look amazing as part of any contemporary homestead – widely available in a range of tints and options, let us find you the ideal look for your new tinting strategy.  Painting the frames is what we do – and we always make sure we do it well!

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Interested in having your UPVC windows and doors sprayed in fantastic, resistant paint by a local firm?  Our team are ready and waiting to help renew and refresh your existing UPVC to a whole other standard – really bring your homestead into the modern age with fantastic spray-painting for less. 

Contact us now for a free quote by filling in our contact form for more information at your convenience – and let us turn painting windows into a doddle. 

We have that ‘near me’ appeal – and we are always happy to travel out to surrounding areas to support you and provide that perfect finish.

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